Can Food be a Medicine?

The concept of using food as a medicine is nothing new. In actual fact, Hippocrates was the first to coin the phrase in the times of the ancient Greeks.
In recent times however with the current mistrust of food additives, sugars, food processing and big pharma many are now turning toward finding simpler ways of treating common ailments. Of course, it can’t be denied that food is also the cause of many of these ailments.

In recent years, sugar has been touted as the most common ‘drug’ of the masses as it has been proved to have the same effect on the brain that drugs such as heroin and morphine do. Proponents of going sugar-free such as David Gillespie write about the effects of sugar-withdrawal upon the body. Yet like any drug, sugar causes physical side effects. In this case ailments such as obesity and diabetes. It therefore stands to reason that eliminating processed sugars from the diet would also aid in the treatment of these issues resulting in weight loss and a reduced risk of developing diabetes.

Whilst there are things that need to be eliminated from our diets, there are many ‘super foods’ that have been identified as things that you should include in your diet. Unfortunately the hype surrounding these discoveries can cause an overload of information and confusion as to where the best path to take to wellness lies. Should we include these ‘super foods’ in our diet? What will happen if we don’t? I honestly believe that it is up to individual taste. One person may love their kale and the next person finds that it isn’t for them.

Then there is the current hype about probiotics and their effect on gut health. I’m a big believer in looking after your gut so anything that assists in doing that is worth a try. As is the case with anything, try it and see what works for you. In my case, I love kombucha, don’t mind kefir but really struggle with fermented vegetables. Every step that we take toward maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle is a good step.

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence on the internet and in books about the huge differences that people have found by eating foods that are good for their health. There are recorded instances of those who have controlled diabetes, overcome asthma, controlled Celiac disease and overcome a host of other ailments. There are also those who claim to have cured cancer.
I am not making any claims here other than eating food that is good for your body will improve your health and well-being. It will give you more energy and a clearer mind. It will make you feel good in yourself.

So can food be medicine?
Most definitely. Good, wholesome, unprocessed and sugar-free food is the way to go.