About It Goes On Coaching

How many of us say “If I could be a teenager and know what I know now”? Having the vigour of youth yet the knowledge of those who have lived many years on this planet is something often wished for.
I have reached an age myself where I now have that longed for knowledge but have lost the vigour of youth. However it is not something I miss all that much to be honest.
With age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes age.
Yet, coaching is not about imparting wisdom or telling people what it is that they need to do. It is about listening and asking the questions that allow a person to find their own truth and wisdom within. It’s about helping a person to think outside the box in order to move forward in their life and achieve their desires.
This is what I enjoy most about coaching.

This is usually the page where a person lists their qualifications and achievements.
I could tell you that I hold a Certificate 4 in Fitness and a Diploma in Disabilities. I could also tell you that I am a qualified Life and Wellness Coach with NLP qualifications. I have a huge interest in the healing qualities of not only flower essences but in those of essential oils. I hold a Certificate in Aromatherapy for Palliative and Aged Care. I have a passion for massage and am looking to increase my qualifications in that over the coming months. I am also studying to become an Certified Australian Bush Flower Essence practitioner.
I eat well (most of the time) and utilise holistic therapies in my daily life. I have worked in aged care, disability, hospitality and the education system at various times in my life.

These qualifications and ideals are fine in themselves, but what I really want to tell you is that I am a person who has lived life and seen both joy and heartache. I have lived through tragedy and come out the other side.

I have survived an abusive marriage where I suffered mental, emotional and sometimes physical abuse. I have suffered loss; losing three brothers in varying circumstances and farewelling my grandmother (who raised me for a part of my life), stepmother and other relatives. I have witnessed the premature birth of my tiny granddaughter and held everyone together when she left us all a bare two hours later. I have lost pregnancies at varying stages of gestation and only gave up trying for another child when the doctor told me that my mind and body could not take any more.
I have been on the other end of a phone call with a child who felt they had nothing to live for and then spent day upon day in a mental health facility assisting him in his journey back to full health afterwards. I have raced to the side of my parents when they too were suffering mental health issues.
I’ve supported family members through severe depression and anxiety….. and I’ve been there myself.
Life has certainly granted me qualifications in understanding others.

Why did I call my business “It Goes On”? It is precisely because I have learned that life does go on. Sometimes we just need a little guidance to help us find the way.
It is because I know that it is possible to find peace and joy in life that I studied coaching. It has assisted me in finding answers within myself and now that I have this knowledge, I can assist you in finding your answers as well.


It Goes On Coaching and Life Wellness wishes to enable any client to find their purpose in life, realise the innate power within them, achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams


It Goes On Coaching and Life Wellness is committed to providing high quality life and wellness coaching, to enable any client to achieve a better and more fulfilled life. In doing this It Goes On Coaching and Life Wellness is committed in particular to the following:

• To develop a positive process, tailor-made to suit the specific needs of each individual client or organisation.
• To follow a totally holistic process addressing the emotional, physical, mental, financial, spiritual, vocational, social and relationship needs of the client
• To establish a cooperative relationship between coach and client, based on the dedication of both parties
• To endeavour to inspire and facilitate clients to achieve their true potential and bring positive change through the setting and achievement of self-defined goals whilst acknowledging that people are unique and beautiful in their own way
• To operate on the premise that all clients are creative and resourceful with the ability and the promise to express and determine their own solutions
• To establish a partnership which challenges clients to identify their strengths, explore their current reality and find positive ways to make changes and move forward
• To assist in helping every client to foster a fresh perspective on each situation they are facing and support them to explore a range of options
• To maintain the highest level of integrity and unbiased opinion on every client, regardless of their gender, ethnic, social or religious background.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you to discover your story.