Sometimes we need a little impetus or encouragement to take that next step toward our goals.
Our goals don’t have to be a big thing either. Goals can be any small decision you make that you believe will move you toward where you want to be in life.
Coaching is all about assisting you in moving forward. It’s helping you to see a little clearer what it is you’re aiming for. It’s about turning those baby steps into giant leaps and bounds.
Coaching isn’t about giving you the answers. It’s more about assisting you in finding the answers you already have within yourself.
It isn’t about telling you what to do either. It’s about asking the questions that allow you to make the decisions yourself.
Coaching is not therapy. It’s about empowering and assisting people to reach their goals and make changes within their lives. A coach is your personal cheer leader!

If you feel that being coached is something you would like to pursue, then don’t hesitate to email me. Sessions can be conducted in person (if you’re local to me) or via Skype.
It costs nothing to ask.